Rob De Luca Checks In From Tour. ALL July UFO Shows Sold Out!

Happy Summer everyone! Life is busy, crowded and HOT. The SEBASTIAN BACH festival shows at Rock The Castle, Italy and Rock Fest, Spain were epic! Additional 2019 Bach shows are coming…
UFO is currently in Germany. All July UFO shows are sold out, including Wacken Festival!

Also, SPREAD EAGLE just released our third single titled “29th Of February”, from our new album “SUBWAY TO THE STARS”. The album comes out August 9 on Frontiers Music SRL.

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The Ups And Downs Of Touring

The Sebastian Bach band had a couple kickass shows last month in Italy and Spain and flew out of Barcelona in the morning. When I got to my connecting flight in Casablanca Morocco, I was informed it had left without me. A drag, but it happens.

That’s when the fun started. No more flights today, damn. So they gave me a hotel room and booked me on tomorrows flight. However only one seat left, squeezed in between two other people. Again, it happens but not what I ordered. Then I go to retrieve my luggage and things get even more interesting. It seems to get my baggage “out of the system”, I’ll have to cancel my check in. The flight is sold out and people are on the waiting list. So as soon as I cancel my check in, I’d lose my booking. That means no clean clothes, deodorant, etc for the night and tomorrow’s eight hour flight. I tried for hours to get my luggage and precious bass. No go. Either luggage, or sit in Morocco until Wednesday.

Oh, the joys of touring! Here is a pic on the hotel shuttle bus. That’s Udine sitting next to me, she’s AWESOME! We were cranking tunes and they’re now Spread Eagle fans!

7/26/19 – Burg Herzberg, Germany @ Festival (SOLD OUT)
7/27/19 – Nuremberg, Germany @ Pyraser Festival (SOLD OUT)
7/28/19 – Bensheim, Germany @ Musiktheater Rex (SOLD OUT)
7/30/19 – Dortmund, Germany @ Musiktheater Piano (SOLD OUT)
7/31/19 – Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air (SOLD OUT)
8/2/19 – Neuruppin, Germany @ Kulturhaus
8/3/19 – Leipzig, Germany @ Parkbühne